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Swimming Swine

© 2012 Tor Pinney - All Rights Reserved


Can pigs swim? In the Exumas they can! The Bahamian island of Big Majors Spot in the Exumas is home to a small heard of free-range domestic pigs. Big Majors also boasts a broad harbor often crowded with transient cruising boats heading down islands, migrating north, or just hanginí out.

Over the years, the pigs have learned that human visitors sometimes bring them food scraps. Rather than wait for their biped benefactors to beach their dinghies, the pigs evolved the habit of swimming out to meet them. The result is fun and funny to watch. Sometimes a pig will actually try to climb aboard to speed up the feast!

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The pigs belong to some locals from nearby Staniel Cay, who periodically come over to harvest one or two of their livestock. Thereís one old stud, however, who is never taken since he does such a great job siring piglets. Lucky pig. For those less fortunate whose time has come, there is another, separate beach at the far opposite corner of the harbor, sometimes referred to as Barbecue Beach. The pigs donít go there voluntarily. It is, however, occupied by a heard of free-range goats. Non-swimming goats.

Photos follow:





Here comes a dinghy-load of bipeds, and there go the pigs...




Another dinghy arrives. It's a feeding frenzy!





Sometimes a pig tries to climb aboard!


Meanwhile, back on the beach this little piggy got hungry...


but big mama was ready for a nap...


and Piglet got his head stuck and squealed and squealed until mama let him out.



Presenting... the Future OlymPig Swimmers.




~ End ~

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