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Tor's Tales


True Stories of Travel and Adventure by Tor Pinney                                                    Copyright Notice

Check out Tor's book, Ready for Sea!

A Home for Dracula - the story of La Rosa Española de Sevilla

A Rock and a Hard Place - an adventure on mighty Mount Shasta

A Time of Miracles - hangin' out with God

Almost Heaven - broken down in Nitro, West Virginia; rescued by angels

Back Porch Landfall - a new port, a Latino jam session, and a bunch of new friends

Bimini or Bust - a neophyte sailor lucks out

Bragging Rights - for one thrilling moment every fiber of the boat and the skipper were thrumming

Dinghy Dangling - how and when not to tow your dinghy

Engineless - suddenly engineless between a rock and a hard place in the lower Exumas

Fire at Sea - a dramatic rescue in the Bermuda Triangle

Glory Days - an auto-history of some 1960’s garage bands

Homeward Bound - a perfect and introspective night at sea

Isla Beata - from waypoint to highpoint

Knockdown! - a lone sailor faces death at sea

Landlubber's Lament - a poetic admonition to do it while you can

Learning the Do's and Donuts - how not to anchor a ketch

Love in the Middle of the Ocean - the song and the incredible story behind it

Piaroa - visiting primitive rainforest dwellers in the Venezuelan Amazon

Playing with Dolphins - Wild, free and friendly! (Coming soon, after its Cruising World premier)

Pot o' Gold - There really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Shedding Light On The Mountain - a tale of strange lights on a magic mountain

Son of a Daughter of a Sailor - my grandfather's incredible sea story

Swimming Swine - Can pigs swim? In the Exumas they can!

The Arrogant Customs Officer - a confrontation in St. Lucia

The Old Salt at the Boat Show - meeting the legendary Tristan Jones

The One Dollar Sailboat - it sold for $1, but I missed it by 2 minutes

The Tornado - a very scary night in the Coconut Grove anchorage

The Voyage of the Sloop Eliza - misadventures aboard a ship of fools

Thumper - a boat, a girl, an island and a very long Norther

Wanna' Iguana? - There's a beach full of them in the Exumas

Waxing Poetic over the Puerto Rico Trench - Reflections on a midnight watch


A note from Walt Whitman - song of a kindred spirit

An explanation from John Wayne - She's more than a ship...

And a song from Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man


                              Available here after they have appeared in upcoming issues of SAIL magazine.


Tor's Tip's - Sailing techniques, cruising guides and other useful stuff


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